Product Policy

The corporate reputation of Manav Flour Mills is based on the customer satisfaction and brand value protection, the confidence and on making happy our clients by rendering them products over the expected or meeting the expectations of both corporate and retail customers in order to always be the preferred trade mark. All of our employees involved in the development, procurement, production, storage, distribution, marketing and sales of our products;

- Apply all our quality and management standards,

- Work in order to develop the quality performance,

- Ensure the legal conformity of Manav Flour Mills products by applying precisely all conditions and terms indicated in Food Safety Legislation and other legal conditions and protect our mark value,

- Fulfill the necessary activities for corrective and preventive actions by following effectively the messages and the communication established between all retail and corporate customers.

All employees of Manav Flour Mills are responsible for the quality. We are all conscious of our responsibility and have an important role to ensure Manav Flour Mills products quality management and protect the product continuously increasing quality. Therefore, Manav Flour Mills takes as a goal to offer his customers products and services in healthy and hygienic conditions, in line with the customer demand and expectations and in compliance with the legal legislations. Manav Flour Mills Management supports and follows all of these activities.